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The best Maidenhead walks

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Whether you are looking for riverside walks, woodland walks, countryside walks or circular walks - Maidenhead is home to them all. With vast countryside views and stunning woodlands to explore, we would recommend having a walk around Maidenhead if you are in the area. Our hotel near Maidenhead is the perfect place to relax after a long day exploring the beauty that surrounds the area.

Here are some of our favourite walks in Maidenhead:

Boulters Lock Riverside Walk

The Boutler’s Lock riverside walk is a popular pub walk in Maidenhead. The best place to start is at the Boulters Lock public car park. You can walk along the river enjoying the natural beauty then why not stop at the nearby pub and restaurant and make sure you’re fueled for the walk ahead.

Woodland Walks At Maidenhead Thicket

To the west of Maidenhead lies Maidenhead Thicket which is full of different walking routes for you to explore. Whether you are looking for summer walks for the family or autumn walks in Maidenhead - the Thicket has something for all the seasons. There are around five miles of footpaths that stretch through stunning woodland which are family friendly and will get the whole family active. Whilst on your adventure in the Thicket, be sure to make time for some wildlife spotting, from insects to birds that call the area home. The woodland is also home to trees that are up to 400 years old, whilst the grassland pockets bloom with wildflowers. There are plenty of Maidenhead Thicket walks to discover.

Pinkneys Green At Maidenhead Commons

If you enjoy wildlife spotting then a walk at Pinkneys Green at Maidenhead Commons is perfect for you. The meadows are full of different types of grass, insects, flowers and it attracts a variety of animals to keep an eye out for, including a whole host of fieldfares, redwings and dunnock birds. As well as birds there are bees, butterflies, insects, shrews, field mice and voles. The meadows are bursting with colour and make for a peaceful Maidenhead walk. The wildlife makes it perfect for bug spotting with your children.

Braywick Nature Reserve

Another great walk for families and nature lovers is a day out at Braywick Nature Reserve. There are plenty of fun activities for children to enjoy here whilst being active and surrounded by nature. The nature reserve is home to a formal park, stunning trees, wooden sculptures and plenty of open space to roam.

Cock Marsh at Cookham Commons

Another stunning riverside walk in Maidenhead is Cock Marsh where you can stroll along the banks of the River Thames. Cock Marsh is home to a variety of grasses and wildflowers as well as a chalk slope that boasts views over the Buckinghamshire countryside. Cattle graze the land in the summer months which is perfect for when it’s time for the wild flowers to grow. Wild flowers that grow here include orchids, thyme, rock roses and a rare protected plant called Brown Galingale. Brown Galingale has only been found at 12 sites in the UK - making it very rare and therefore protected on the ‘Red List’ of endangered plants in the UK. Due to the rare plants the area has been designated as a national Site of Scientific Interest. There are also four circular Bronze Age burial mounds to look out for, although they are now much smaller than when they were first created.

With all these exciting walks for you to explore, Taplow House Hotel provides the perfect hub for your adventure. We have 32 rooms for you to choose from with each a relaxing stay, and don't forget we also have an onsite restaurant which will keep you well fed for your walks ahead.

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